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Lash extensions
Eyelash Plucking

The staff at The Good Wax are Certified Lash Artists. Lash extensions create an “instant refresh” for the eyes. Eyelash extensions are applied to each of your natural lashes with medical grade adhesive. We offer classic, hybrid and volume lashes and will guide and help you decide which is best for your desired look.


This treatment boosts and lifts each individual lash for a more curled, defined appearance. We recommend this treatment along with a tint to darken the lashes, achieving a gorgeous "I woke up like this" look.

Long Lashes
Lash Lift
Closed Eye

The careful placement of a semi-permanent dye to the lashes and/or brows to create the effect of darker, longer lashes, & flawlessly accentuated brows. The color usually lasts 2-4 weeks and comes in a variety of shades suited to your preference. Excellent for a trip, vacation, or any time  your mascara & brow pencils don't quite make the cut! 


Microbladed Brows

A semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create small hair like strokes giving a fuller, more shaped natural brow look.

Ombre/Combo Brows

Creates a soft, shaded brow look using microblading with the powder technique, used on just a portion of the brow for subtle definition.

Full blade + Shade Brows

A full microbladed brow with the powder technique used through the entire brow for a more filled in, perfectly defined look.

Skin Care

Hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch long or have at least two weeks worth of growth to be properly waxed. Please avoid direct sun or UV exposure before and immediately after waxing. Please let us know if you are using any topical prescriptions or exfoliants prior to your wax.  We offer facial waxing & brow shaping, as well as full body waxing, bikini, and Brazilian waxing for women.


A pick me up for your skin! Microdermabrasion uses a smooth diamond encrusted wand to exfoliate dry, textured, & lifeless skin, leaving the skin glowing and refreshed. Microdermabrasion also helps with fine lines, uneven skin tone, and stubborn skin congestion. 

This treatment can be done once a week when focusing on specific skin concerns, but is recommended once a month for regular maintenance. Sun exposure and the use of exfoliant creams should be avoided for at least one week following your microdermabrasion treatment.


The Red Carpet technique for skin renewal & exfoliation! Unlike facial razors & popular dermaplaning tools, Our highly trained Estheticians use a surgical grade, stainless steel blade to painlessly remove buildup of dead skin cells, peach fuzz and vellus hair from the skin, without the skin cell damage that comes with your over the counter razors!


A technique used to improve the texture, tone, health & overall appearance of the skin! A GlyMedPlus Peel solution chosen & tailored to your specific skin goals is applied to the skin to boost exfoliation, deeply treat, & regenerate the skin cells. 

It is advised to avoid sun exposure, topical exfoliants and any form of facial hair removal one week prior to the treatment.


Why pick one when you can have both? 

Dermaplaning & Chemical peel techniques will be utilized together in one service to provide all the impeccable benefits of both! 

This combo will maximize your treatment & accelerate your results!


Here at The Good Wax, Each and Every Facial Service is customized to your unique, specific skin concerns. However, our Acne Facial & Signature Facial Both take it one step further, Providing Deep Cleansing, Skin Analysis,

A Customized Mask & Body Massage, & Unique finishing products tailored to your Skin Goals. Combine relaxation with impeccable Benefits with one of our Signature Facial Services!

Professional Facial
bikini bottoms

We are proud to use South Seas Tanning Solution and System for all of our tans! For flawless airbrush tan results, please shower & exfoliate before your treatment, as you will be unable to shower for at least 8 hours after your tan is applied. A light body lotion is fine, but please do not wear heavy lotions or deodorant to avoid patchiness and streaking. It's best to come wearing loose, dark clothing to avoid staining your clothing while the tan develops. We provide disposable bikini bottoms for women, & Men are asked to bring either swim bottoms or underwear to wear during their treatment. Airbrush tans usually last 7-10 days with proper care. The Good Wax carries a variety of exfoliants, lotions, sunscreens and tan extenders to compliment the results of your tan.

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